Welcome to 'odit', the Open Data Integration Tool

This tool has not been built. This documentation is a sketch for a potential functional design.

This tool is for downloading, publishing, sharing and versioning open, licensed data. It is particularly focused on scientific use cases, but has widespread application to data science in general as well as engineering applications. It does not replace database functionality within an application, but allows specific data sets and feeds to be more easily shared and managed between computers and users.

Command Summary

odit fetch <dataste_name> Create a new project. odit share <dataset_name> Shares the dataset online
odit append <dataset_name> Append to a local dataset. odit update <dataset_name> Revise the content of a dataset
odit set-licence
<dataset_name> <license_name>
Specify the license for a data set

User Guide Index

- Fetching Data Different ways to fetch data, and their pros and cons
- Sharing Data How to publish and share data that you have created
- Appending to Data How to append to a data set that does not modify existing files
- Updating Data Revising the content of a data set
- Handling Licenses How to accept and specify a data sharing license
- Providing Extension Functionality How to provide an API or program code functionality for your data

API Documentation

ODIT is also designed to be used as a component of other software, providing a level of database management, particularly focused on scientific use cases.


ODIT was developed by Tennessee Leeuwenburg